Facebook Becoming a Hit With The Older Crowd

facebook_0I never got into the whole social network scene, probably because I’m out of school and married with children. It seems that social networks such as Facebook are geared towards the high school and college crowd, however, I recently read in Time magazine that the 40-and-over population are now the fastest growing Facebook users. Why is that? Well, it seems that the older generation are using Facebook for making business network connections to help advance their career. It’s all free, so why not?

Last month, I noticed in my email inbox a Facebook invitation from my wife asking me to sign up and be her “friend”. When I asked why she was getting involved with Facebook, she said her cousin asked her to sign up so they could share photos and discuss what’s going on with their families. After my wife persuaded me to sign up, I noticed that most of her extended family had Facebook pages and they were all “friends” in a happy little social network. When I signed up for the account I was asked what High School and College I attended, and now when I go to my Facebook home page I see a few photos of people from my High School graduating class with a suggestion that I might want to be their friend.

When people ask me what Facebook is all about, I try to sum it up as a group of people with virtual whiteboards (or “walls” in Facebook terminology) that they can write on or their designated friends can write messages on. It seems to be an easy way to stay in touch with family members or friends to catch up with what they are doing now, last week, etc.

What’s kind of ironic, is that Facebook makes the whole process of keeping in touch with friends someone impersonal, hiding people behind their computer monitors. Gone are the days of visiting friends or talking to them by phone. Everything seems to be emails, text messaging, and now Facebooking. How much more “social” can we be? 🙂


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