I Love Buying from Newegg.com

newegg1For the last several years I’ve built my own computer systems from scratch, buying parts such as the motherboard, memory, hard drives, CD drives, etc. and assembling them in a case. I like doing this (as opposed to buying read-made systems from HP, Dell, Compaq, etc.) because I can create a system to my exact specifications. A few years ago I was going bonkers with my main desktop PC making so much noise with the whirling disk drives and CPU and power supply fans, I decided to build a new system using all “quiet” components. I succeeded, and now have a silent PC running in my home office.

I started out buying all of my computer components from local electonic and computer stores, but over the years found that buy online was cheaper and more convenient. Newgg.com is a wonderful site that I’ve used over the last 8 years ordering everything for my custom PCs with no problems.

Recently, I needed a 16 GB Flash Drive and 16 GB SDHC card, so I put in my online order on Friday at 10:30 am PST and later that afternoon I got a confirmation email that my order was processed and sent out! Now, you really can’t beat the same-day turnaround, along with the free 3-7 days shipping. Note, that I made my payment using my PayPal account, so that may have sped up the payment authorization (verses using a Credit Card or eCheck method).

In addition to the fast order processing and shipping, Newegg.com seems to have the best prices online for computer components. Only on some rare occassions I’ll find a better deal at a local brick store (when they have a big sale), so I definitely recommend you check out Newegg.com for your computer supplies.


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