Microsoft SkyDrive Online File Storage Has Limitations

skydrive_01In a previous posting, I mentioned the use of the Microsoft Live SkyDrive service for uploading and storing files (25 GB free space), however, I’ve run into some limitations. Here’s two biggies:

  1. You can’t upload folder or sub folder, just individual files.
  2. Each file you upload must be under 50 MB in size.

This puts a damper on my plans to offload some big project files to the online file server (which have been organized in separate folders) and to offload some video files (200+ MB). I understand that this service is free so I have no room to complain, but it’s a bummer that it has these limitations. I’m sure other online free services have similar limitations, so I guess the online file storage will only work on small, individual files. In the meantime, I’ll have to get a big 2nd drive for my Desktop PC to backup my files.


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