Get System Customization Tips

mechanicOver the years I’ve found that the default settings for Windows XP and Vista aren’t the most efficient for my needs. I often make some small tweaks and setting changes to help improve my system’s overall performance. For example, I always turn off “Index this drive for faster searching” since this background operation constantly thrashes my disk drive and chews up CPU utilization. I get my system tweak tips from various web sites on the Internet, with the following being my favorite sites:

How-to-Geek : I love this site, since they have lots of good tips for improving the performance of my WinXP and Vista systems. They explain all their tips very clearly, and often provide nice screenshots to make it easier to understand. : This web page offers some good tips on improving the speed of Vista OS systems. They have a good description of each tip with the benefits and drawbacks to using the particular tip. : This site offers some super-tweaks for WinXP and Vista systems that I usually implement when I first install the OS on a machine. Some of their suggestions involve using the RegEdit program to edit the registry file on your system, so you need to be careful whenever you mess around the registry file (i.e., don’t indiscrimently delete entries if you don’t know what they are!).

I’ve found making some of these tweaks on my Desktop Vista system significantly improves daily performance. My system is snappy and I don’t have a lot of background disk activity or CPU activity. So, I highly recommend you check out these tweak sites if you find your system running sluggish and you don’t know what’s Windows is doing in the background with it’s mysterious activity!

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