ObjectDock – An Apple Dock Clone For The PCs

During the time I was investigating the Apple Mac OS X, one nice feature was the Dock Panel located at the bottom of the screen. The Dock was a convenient panel where you could launch frequently-used applications or bring into the foreground running applications. As it turns out, the company called StarDock has a similar add-on utility that does virtually the exact same thing (including the puff of smoke animation that occurs when you drag an icon off the dock area).

From the image below, you can see the Apple Dock as viewed on a Mac machine:


(click image to enlarge)

As you move the mouse across the top of the various icons, they enlarge slightly with a title displayed above them. If you select the icon, they then activate the associated application. The freeware utility called ObjectDock (by StarDock) operates in the exact same fashion as Apple’s Dock, where you can have icons displayed on the dock for launching applications or for running applications. Below is a screen show showing what ObjectDock looks like on my Windows 7 Beta OS system:


(click image to enlarge)

Rolling the mouse cursor over the icons will enlarge them just like the Apple Dock utility, and there’s even a weather icon that will popup a 5-day forecast as shown below:


(click to enlarge image)

The utility seems to run with minimal system resources, and I find it more handy than the standard windows taskbar. So if you want a cool dock utility like Apple’s Dock, I suggest you check out ObjectDock!


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