Bringing Back the MS Office 2003 Menus in Office 2007

I hate the new ribbons in Microsoft Office 2007. I just can’t find anything in the menus, or know which ribbon tab to look under for a desired function. I guess Microsoft needed to change something to demonstrate they “improved” the product. I learned from trial-and-error, that most of the functions that you can’t find in the menus or ribbon are available by doing a right-click on the document or object. So if you can’t find what you need, do a right-click and check the pop-up context menu.

Today, I stumbled upon a nice freeware utility that will bring back the old 2003-style menus in Office 2007.  The utility is called UBitMenu.

Below is what Microsoft Word 2007 looks like with the standard ribbon interface:


When you install the UIBitMenu utility, you’ll see the old-style 2003 menus as shown below:


Note, that the 2007 ribbon is still there, but you’ll see an extra ribbon above it that contains the standard drop-down menus (under the Menu tab) as shown above.

So, this is a nice utility to go back to the old-and-familiar menu interface and become productive again!


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