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drivehq_0As you may have read in some previous postings, I’ve examined and reviewed several of the available online file storage offerings. Currently, there’s several different systems that will auto sync files or do auto backups, or allow you to upload files for online storage. For my needs, I want a method for storing files off my Desktop PC for safe keeping (in case my hard drive blows up, or my house burns down). So, I don’t need the file syncing features. Most of the online file storage solutions that I’ve come across don’t allow you to directly upload folders containing files or other subfolders. You have to select and upload individual files, or a group of files. For me, that would be very time consuming and not acceptable. I wanted a system that would allow me to select a folder and have it and its contents uploaded to an online storage system.

Luckily, I came across one solution called DriveHQ (offered by Drive Headquarters) that does what I need. It has an easy-to-use interface that allows me to simply drag-n-drop my folder into my “DriveHQ” drive on my PC, and begin the uploading process. It will actually upload the files in the background so I can continue working on other things and leave it unattended. Great!

DriveHQ currently offers 1 GB of free storage, which works fine for me since I just want to upload client web page files for safe storage. If you want to backup large files (such as video files, pictures, etc.) you’ll probably fill up your 1 GB allotment very quickly. Then, you’ll be looking at paying for more storage space as explained on DriveHQ’s web site.

In contrast, SkyDrive (by Microsoft) offers you 25 GB of free online storage, however, you can’t upload folders. You have to upload individual files (or a group of files) which is a time consuming process. So, I’ll probably stick with DriveHQ for a while and see how easy and effective it is, and will decide whether to upgrade for more storage space when the time comes.


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