Microsoft Following Other Smartphone OSes

smartphoneYou often hear Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer use the word “innovate” or “innovation” when they talk about Microsoft, but they seem to always follow or copy the competition. In my previous posting I mentioned that Palm WebOS and Google Android OS are using web-based technology (HTML, Java, Javascript, CSS, etc) for developing and running applications on their platforms, and it appears that Microsoft is doing the same thing with Windows Mobile 6.5. Called “Widgets”, these are applications that use HTML and Javascript to run applications inside the Pocket Internet Explorer web browser. The site PocketPC Thoughts has some comments on this, and a few pictures of such applications running in Windows Mobile.

It’s probably faster and easier to develop such applications for the Internet-connected smartphone devices, but you’ll certainly be limited in what you can do as most higher functions and capabilities probably won’t be available using this system.

One thing of concern to most developers is protecting their applications, as these web-based programs are usually simple text files that can be read by anyone with a text editor. As such, anyone could “steal” your coding and make their own application, distribute it for free, etc. This topic was brought up at a recent Palm webcast, and the Palm developer didn’t have an answer to this question. Time will tell on how developers can protect their property under this system.

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