Blocking Troublesome Pop-ups in Firefox

firefoxI use the Firefox web browser almost exclusively on all my computers and laptops, as I find it works much better for me than Internet Explorer. Although Firefox has its own built-in pop-up blocker, it seems that a few pesky pop-up windows appear in the background whenever I visit certain web pages. For example, I like to read the spoilers for Battlestar Galactica at this site, and when I do so I almost always get a pop-up window in the background for,, etc. So, it seems that Firefox’s built-in popup blocker can’t seem to stop this particular pop-up window.

As such, I’ve searched around and found a Firefox ad-on plugin called AdBlock Plus that is suppose to block specific web addresses listed in a file. You can either create your own list from scratch, or “subscribe” to a growing list of ad sites. I chose to subscribe to the “EasyList (USA)” subscription which contained hundreds of known ad sites, and so far the troublesome doublediet pop-up window no longer appears! In the Firefox statusbar you can hover your mouse cursor over the AdBlock Plus Icon, and a notification window will appear showing how many pop-ups were blocked on a specific page (see below):


Hopefully, this add-on plugin for Firefox will help with blocking ad sites and not block out the good ones! 🙂

One Response to Blocking Troublesome Pop-ups in Firefox

  1. wrob4343 says:

    I use adblock and its pretty good. There are a lot of pop-in ads and flash ads that turn up on the internet that you just can’t do anything about, but for the most part its great!

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