New Dell Adamo Slim Laptop

dell_adamoI noticed that Dell announced their new slim laptop,  Adamo, was available for sale today. It’s a very thin laptop with an Apple-esque design, created to compete with the Apple MacBook. It looks great to me, but has a rather large price tag starting at $1999.00 US. What really caught my eye, was the 128 GB Solid State Drive (SSD)  inside the Adamo. SSDs are popular with the smaller Netbook laptops since they are very low-powered and are much smaller than most conventional laptop hard drives. The 128 GB size of the Adamo SSD is quite amazing, since most Netbooks only have 32 or 64 GB of space. A very pricey component that certainly increases the overall price of the new Dell laptop.

Also, SSDs don’t have the access speed of the normal spinning disk drives, so you’ll probably notice some performance hits when reading and writing to the drive. Installing 2 or more GB of RAM should help with the SSD slowness, as it should limit how much virtual space (disk space being used as slow RAM memory) is used by the operating system when running multiple applications.

So, if you want the latest and coolest laptop for running Windows Vista 64-bit, check out the new Dell Adamo!

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