Finding Free WiFi Access While Out of Town

free_wifiOn a recent business trip I had a few hours to kill before flying out, so I decided to spend that time catching up with emails. Since I was in Phoenix, I could have used the airport’s free WiFi system, however, I didn’t want to hang out at the airport any longer than necessary. So, I decided to track down a hotel lobby that I could comfortably camp out and do my email activities. As it turned out, I discovered that most of the Hilton hotels don’t have free WiFi Access for the lobby guests (it’s a paid service). However, some of the less expensive hotels do offer free WiFi lobby access. The Days Inn, Fairfield Inn, Hampton Inn, and the Marriott Courtyard are a few hotels that did offer such free WiFi services. I ended up at the Courtyard by the airport and set up in a nice spot on a couch in front of a wide screen TV (with CNN). I also had my laptop and cell phone plugged into a convenient outlet mounted on the backside of the couch, so I was in heaven!

I’ll definitely add this particular hotel to my growing list of “Business Traveler Friendly” venues where I can get a respite from all the business meetings and telecons.

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