I Come Across The Strangest Things…

strangeHere’s an off-the-topic story that I’ll share with you. I was waiting in the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, and as I was typing on my laptop I noticed something strange out of the corner of my eye. It was a small dog be led by its owner on a leash, walking on its back legs. So, I thought it was pretty cute, that the dog was walking up-right on its hind legs like a circus act. After a while, I noticed that the dog was walking like that for a really long time, and I thought, “either that dog really likes to walk up-right or the owner is playing a cruel trick”. After about 10 minutes of walking around, the dog got closer to me to where I notice it had no front legs! I guess the dog was in an accident and had its front legs amputated. Whatever the case, this dog happily followed its owner around using just its two back legs. Sounds like something for the Guiness Book of World Records… 🙂

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