LogMeIn vs. Microsoft Mesh for Remote Computer Access

boxingI was out of town on a business trip this week, and I wanted to remotely log into my home desktop PC to check my emails and see what videos were recorded by Vista Media Center for conversion to my Microsoft Zune media device. I actually had two different options for remotely logging into my home system, (1) Microsoft Live Mesh and (2) LogMeIn.

I first tried using Microsoft Live Mesh, since my work laptop was already connected to the Microsoft Mesh system. I was able to successfully connect to my home PC and work on it, but the response was pretty slow and the graphics screen updates were crummy. So, I logged off and used the LogeMeIn web-based solution and found much better performance. LogMeIn was definitely snappier than Microsoft Mesh, and I was actually very productive using it.

So, I have to report that LogMeIn was a clear winner for remote login effectiveness, and I’ll certainly be sure to use it again when I’m in a similar situation. If only LogMeIn would work with my Windows Mobile Moto-Q phone for accessing my home PC…. 😉

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