Sending Emails with Large Attachments

yousenditHere’s a neat tip that I got from regarding a Microsoft Outlook plugin that allows you to send emails with very large attachments. In a lot of cases, IT departments limit the file attachment size to 5 or 10 MB (for both sending and receiving), so this nifty Outlook plugin lets you get around that issue by uploading your large attachment to their server and providing a download link in the sent email message.

The plugin is for a service offered by, where you can send up to a 2 GB attachment if you go with the “Pro” plan. YouSendIt allows you to attach a file with a max size of 100 MB for the free plan. There is also a 1 GB monthly download limit for the free plan, and all links to downloads are valid for only 7 days.

So, it sounds like a useful plugin if you need to send emails with large attachments.

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