Software Development – Not as Easy as you Might Think

programmingI’m trying to get back into developing applications for the Windows Mobile Devices (primarily because I need these certain applications for my own use) and make them available for sale on my software web site. I need to let you know that it’s a big undertaking. Here are the major steps required to create and sell a new application:

  1. Come up with the user interface layout, and create the application.
  2. Do some internal beta testing and fix all found bugs.
  3. Find beta testers to test your application, and email them instructions.
  4. As testers find bugs, fix them and send out updated beta versions.
  5. When it seems that the software is bug-free, make a final distribution.
  6. Get screenshots of the various screens for the application and create the user documentation.
  7. Compile the application executable, documentation, and release notes into an installer program.
  8. Create the new web page content for this new application (screenshots, description, etc.)
  9. Upload new files and web pages to server site.
  10. Modify automated scripts for sending out registration codes to people who buy the application.
  11. Send out an email blast to everyone who signed up for the newsletter mailing list.
  12. Upload the new application and details to 3rd-party vendor sites.

As you can see, it’s a lot of work to develop and make available a new application to the general public. In some cases, it could take almost 1-year to get a product developed and to market. But if you want to do it right, you have to take the time to create quality products.

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