Treated Like Royalty

royaltyOn my trip to Phoenix this week, I really lucked out and was upgraded to 1st class for both my outbound and return flights. I made MVP last year (because I traveled over 20,000 miles), and as such I can get upgraded to 1st class if seats are available 48 hours before the flight. The best part of being in 1st class is the wide seats, extra leg room, and having enough space to work on my wide screen laptop. The free food, booze, snacks, and coffee are also nice too.

Once you’re spoiled like that, it’s hard to go back to a cramped coach seat. The only thing that was missing was a power outlet for my laptop… good thing I had an extra battery installed!

Now, I know what you’re thinking– you lucky dog. Well, I wasn’t that lucky because I was going home to a sick 5 year-old who has a fever and has been vomiting all over the house. I’ll be spending my weekend cleaning the carpets and comforting my little boy, and believe it or not, I’d rather be home doing that than flying around in 1st class.

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