Main Computer is Down…uggh!

For the last few days, my Vista 32-bit desktop PC has been freezing up, where it completely locks up. I can’t move the mouse cursor, the keyboard is unresponsive, and I can’t even do a Alt-Ctrl-Delete to bring up task manager. Totally locks up. And it seems to be random, as it happens when working with different applications and under different scenarios. I haven’t installed or made any drastic changes lately, so I don’t know why it’s happening.

After doing some Googling, I suspect it could be one of three things: (1) Some Windows update is causing the problem, (2) I’ve got some sort of hardware failure (motherboard, RAM, power supply, etc.), or (3) I’ve got a virus. I tried the usual stuff I normally do in these cases, such as disabling background processes for things I don’t really need running (like LogMeIn), but that didn’t seem to help. The CPU and case fans are running ok, and the CPU temp isn’t getting too hot.

I could wipe the disk clean and start with a fresh copy of Vista, but for some reason I think it’s a hardware issue. So, I went to my local Fry’s Electronics store and purchased a new Gigabyte motherboard and Intel Quad Core processor. I guess this was my excuse for upgrading. Unfortunately, my forced upgrade didn’t go very smoothly as the new motherboard never turned on. It would start to power up, then power down, and so forth. Man, this sucks. I tried using a power supply from a spare computer but that didn’t seem to help (possibly ruling out a power supply problem). So, it could still be the RAM (incompatible?) or a defective motherboard.

In any case, I’m returning the motherboard back to Fry’s and trying a different model. Hopefully, the new motherboard will fix the problem. Here’s crossing my fingers…. 😉


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