Monitoring CPU Temperature

hotWhen you buy a new Intel processor, they usually come with a stock CPU fan for cooling purposes. I usually don’t use these fans on my Desktop systems since they seem to be rather noisy. Instead, I use a fan by Zalman that has larger radiator fins and a much quieter fan system. I also have a variable switch connected to the fan where I can adjust the speed from outside of the case. That way, I can turn down the fan to keep my home office as quiet as possible.

As such, I do have some concerns that I could be turning down the fan speed TOO much, and burn up my CPU. This is especially true with my newly installed Quad Core processor, since I have no idea how hot they run. So, I hunted around and found a nifty free utility called CoreTemp that displays the current CPU core temp in a dialog window and/or in the taskbar area. A really nice tool for monitoring your CPU temperature, which is especially useful if you’re running some intense games and need to know if your taxing your processor too much.



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