Comcast Set Top Boxes Arrived

digital_cableI received both Comcast Set Top Boxes (STB) to be used with my and my wife’s PC Tuner cards, and have gone through the process of hooking them up and activating them. I simply hooked the cable line to the STB and then connect a TV to the STB, and finally connected up the power adapter. I did this for both STBs (on separate TVs) since the install instructions stated that both STBs needed to be connected before doing the activation. I then went to the Comcast web site ( and entered my unique customer ID number, and then checked off my two STB devices on their list and clicked the “Activate” button. After about 60 seconds, one of the boxes came to life and display a TV image on the screen, but the other box didn’t. I had to wait about 45 minutes before the Comcast web site allowed me to try the activation again. This time, it worked fine. So, I’ve got both STBs activated and working.

Note, that these STBs are no-frill, so they only have Coaxial Cable output jack for the TV. It would be nicer if they had S-Video or RCA outputs, but not on this STB.

From what I can tell, I can get channels 1 through 99, and also a few other channels above 99. So, I can’t get every channel above 99, but most of the good ones. I now have to wait for my Vista Media Center Remote to arrive in the mail so I can hook the STB to my PC’s TV Tuner card and have the Remote’s IR Emitters change the channels on the STB via Vista Media Center. Hopefully, that won’t be too much hassle to get working…. 🙂


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