Palm Pre… soup of the day for me?

palm_preI seem to get all worked up and excited when new products are introduced, especially tech devices. For example, when T-Mobile was about to release the G1 Android OS phone, I scoured the Internet reading any online article, review, or posting on the subject. I also dived in to see how difficult it would be to write applications for the Android OS, and find sample codes and descriptions on the net. After the G1 was finally released, I continued reading articles and forum postings to determine how well the phone lived up to the hype as the next “iPhone Killer”.

I also seriously considered dropping my Moto-Q phone and getting a G1 phone on the T-Mobile network, however, a few things stopped me from doing so:

  1. My company (which provides me with a phone and service through Verizon) would not reimburse my phone charges if I switched off of Verizon.
  2. T-Mobile coverage in the Seattle area seemed ok, but it was marginal in the area of my home. Also, I travel a lot around the country and I was a bit worried about having good coverage.
  3. The G1 phone wasn’t the most stylish phone, so the handset attractiveness wasn’t very compelling.

I also began reading numerous postings by G1 owners complaining about poor battery life, sqeaky hinges, etc. which turned me off. It seems that lots of them were exchanging their G1 phones for new ones. Another complaint was the reliability of the alarm notifications, along with delayed email and SMS delivery. And lastly, the G1 didn’t have support for Microsoft Exchange Server which was a must if I were to use this phone for my business work. As such, I made the decision to hold off getting the G1.

It feels like deja-vu to me with the upcoming release of the Palm Pre. I’m once again reading online articles and forum postings trying to get as much info as possible with regards to the Pre. It’s to the point of being a bit obsessed, where I constantly scan the net for new articles and news. It will probably get worst after June 6th when they release the Pre.

I have a gut feeling that the Palm Pre will be a much better handset than the G1 Google phone right from the start. Palm had full control over the hardware design and development and OS, so they can’t blame HTC or any other company for poor design. Palm certainly has experience in making smartphone devices, so I’m sure the Palm Pre is a solid device. Nevertheless, WebOS is an untested entity which actual users will need to pound a bit to see if it’s truly as stable as it seems.

If the Pre does pan out as being a superior device, I will most likely dump my company-paid Moto-Q phone and Verizon paid service and go with the Palm Pre. It will cost me $200 out of my pocket for the Pre and I’ll have to start paying $99 monthly for the everything plan (which I’ll need if I use the Pre for work), so I hope I don’t get huge buyer’s remorse over this!

Whatever the case, I have no compelling rush to be the first to own a Pre. I can sit back and watch the early adopters snatch up the Pres and report back on how well they work.

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