Moving my Calendars into the Cloud

calgooI like to keep my life in order, so keeping track of appointments and calendar events is important to me. Since the company I work for has standardized on using Microsoft Outlook 2007 with Microsoft Exchange Server, I’m forced to use Outlook as my scheduling tool for my work activities. I also have been using Outlook 2007 at home on my personal desktop PC for a few years for both as my main email application and for recording calendar events. The big challenge for me is to keep my personal and work calendars separate, but have them both viewable at the same time when I do my personal or work scheduling.

Since I’m using Outlook 2007 for both my home and work PC, I could “publish” both my calendars privately to the online Microsoft Office Servers and have the two Outlook apps access them as Internet Calendars. In this method, my home PC can view my work calendar but I can’t edit the entries on my work calendar. Likewise, my work PC can view my personal calendar but I can’t make changes to it. This is fine, but limits my ability to change both my personal and work calendars on the same machine.

Another option, is to sync my calendars to the “Cloud” (Internet) and open both of them as Internet Calendars on each PC system. This afternoon, I decided to try using this method by installing the freeware app called CalGoo. This utility runs in the background on a PC and will automatically sync my calendar events from Outlook to a Google Calendar via an Internet connection. An added bonus, is that I can edit or create calendar events in my Google calendar and they will be synced to my Outlook calendar as well. As such, I used CalGoo on both my home PC and work PC, and have them both sync to separate Google calendars in my Google account. I then open the Google calendar of each other system in Outlook as an Internet Calendar.


Now, my personal calendar is synced to Google calendar and my work calendar is synced to a different Google calendar. I can then view both calendars overlayed on one another in a single Google calendar screen. Likewise, I can also overlay my personal and work calendars in Outlook on both my home PC and work PC. It all seems to work fine, since my home PC and work PC are both normally always connected to the Internet.  Also, I can check, delete, and create events in either calendar whenever I want so long as I have access to a web browser and an Internet connection.

Doing all of this also positions me pretty well if and when I do switch to a Palm Pre phone. The Pre syncs with Google Calendar, so this will allow me to view and edit calendar events on either my work or personal calendars.

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