Palm Pre is now available, and the honeymoon is already over!

palm_preThe long awaited release of the Palm Pre smartphone is finally here, with Sprint and Best Buy stores officially selling the new phones as of this morning. Some fanatics actually camped out yesterday night in front of their targeted store, but it seems that the wait lines were minimal and most people who absolutely needed to have a Pre phone today got one.

Now that the initial excitement has worn off, it seems that these same fanatics are scrutinizing their phone which they’ve prematurely placed on a pedestal. From the user postings on the various Palm Pre forums, users are already complaining about dead screen pixels, slow Internet connection speed, creaks, small keyboard, overheating while charging, low ringer volume, distorted spots on screen, inability to change the notification sound or volume, very long charge times, very slow calendar app, etc. Some have already exchanged their Pre phones for new ones, while others are complaining of the lack of applications and/or the functionality of the built-in apps.

Some diehard fans will defend their cherished jewel of a phone to the bitter end (or when the next new phone comes out), while others will rip the Pre apart with complaints. Everyone has to understand that the Palm Pre is a brand new phone with a brand new operating system. It’s going to take a few years for the Pre to improve with it’s apps and functionality. The first step, will be for Palm to release the Mojo SDK to ALL developers so we can all start creating useful apps. Personally, I’m planning to hold off getting a Palm Pre until the “early adopters” (or “tech fanatics”) shake out the phone and report back on any possible show stoppers. Also, I want to try out the SDK and emulator to see how much control and access I will have to the phone’s hardware features.


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