Apple iPhone Details Released at WWDC

Apple’s big conference was held today and they released lots of information on their new products, including the iPhone 3.0 revision. The “new” iPhone looks basically the same on the outside, but it has an incrementally improved OS, better battery life, more internal storage, and an upgraded camera. Nothing earth shattering, but some good improvements.

I know that a lot of people were waiting for Apple’s announcement before pulling the trigger on getting either the iPhone or Palm Pre phone. In my opinion, both have different strengths and weaknesses. Here’ my short list for a comparison:

Apple iPhone 3GS (new)


  • Very solid version 3.0 OS
  • Over 1 million owners, with 50,000 applications available
  • Works with Microsoft Exchange Activesync Server for business users
  • All of the “1.0 OS” bugs worked out
  • Long battery life
  • Large internal storage
  • Can sync with your desktop computer directly


  • The AT&T network is overloaded and slow for unlimited data usage
  • Carrier plan is pricey compared to Sprint’s unlimited plan
  • No multitasking app capability
  • AT&T Network coverage doesn’t appear to be the best

Palm Pre


  • New touch OS
  • Multitasking app capability
  • Sprint network is fast and reliable with good coverage
  • Slide out keyboard for those who don’t like on-screen keyboards
  • Very compact
  • Ability to sync multiple calendars and contacts (via the Internet)


  • Very new OS, with numerous bugs and gaps in features
  • Microsoft Exchange Activesync Server has serious limitations, and may not be ready for business users
  • Phone can get very very how when charging and when in use
  • Battery life has been reported to be very bad depending on what options are activated (e.g., Bluetooth, WiFi, Push Email, etc.)
  • Just released– Only 25 apps available on the Palm App Store
  • For Calendar, must use either Google Calendar or Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Everything is synced to the Internet (can’t sync directly to desktop computer)

For me, my smartphone needs to be a good cell phone first, followed by having good email connectivity with Microsoft Exchange and POP3 servers. I also need to have a smartphone that can last me one full day without charging, which I don’t think is too much to ask for. Thus, it’s a tough decision for me to pick an iPhone or a Pre for my personal needs. What I’m planning to do, is go into a holding pattern and wait to see if Palm will fix the deficiencies in the Pre OS such that it works better as a business phone. If that happens over the next few months, then I’ll probably give it a try. But until then, I’ll keep using my old Verizon Motorola Q phone as it seems to do the job (at a minimal level!).

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