Microsoft Money… RIP

For the last several weeks I’ve been evaluating a trial verison of Microsoft Money Essentials financial software on my PC. I liked this software package because it was cheap ($20 US) and had an easy-to-use, simple interface. The other day, I opened up the application and I saw a notice that said Microsoft was no longer distributing any of the Microsoft Money products. What? It sounds like Microsoft is throwing in the towel on this one, giving Intuit’s Quicken no real competition. As such, I’ll have to stop my evaluation of MS Money and go with evaluating Quicken.

Note, that there are some online alternatives (Quicken Online,, etc.) but I didn’t like the look and responsiveness of these applications. It would be nice to have my account data “in the cloud” just in case my computer is destroyed by fire, etc., however, I have this sense of safety knowing that my data is stored locally on my PC (I guess I’m an old dog).

One Response to Microsoft Money… RIP

  1. tolginator says:

    No, you are not an old dog. You are just wise and semi-paranoid like many others.

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