My Palm Pre Obsession is Now Officially Over!

palm_preI’ve been enamored with the new Palm Pre smartphone (released two weeks ago), reading the Palm Pre forums several times a day. But, I’m now over it. After reading so many postings regarding heating problems, cracked screens, MS Exchange Server issues, etc. I’ve decided that the Palm Pre falls in the same corner as the G1 Android phone — a device that just isn’t ready for prime time. Of course, you have the fanboys who will defend the phone completely regardless of its flaws, but it just isn’t ready for the average business user (in my opinion).

Now, I haven’t written off the Palm Pre entirely. I’ll be watching from time to time to see if Palm comes out with some good OS updates to fix the major issues, and if a newer model of Pre comes out with the heating had hardware issues corrected. If Palm plays it right, they should have a great phone for the users. But if they stumble or fall stagnant, then they just may be finished as a company. Here’s crossing my fingers for success!

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