No Choice… Going with Quicken

cashWith MS Money now defunct, I really have no choice but to go with Quicken 2008 Deluxe. I checked over all the online options and other software options, but I wanted something that was mainstream and could download and reconcile my checking account entries from online data. I really liked MS Money Essentials because of it’s clean interface, so it was a little tough getting use to Quicken.

I spent some time last night and got all my accounts setup and configured, so I think I’m now back in business. Now, I didn’t know this but with MS Money the online services (for downloading transaction data) is only valid for 2 years after software purchase. So this forces you to upgrade to a newer version every two years to continue to use the online services. I believe Quicken operates the same way, so it seems that every two years I’ll have to shell out $40 US for the program (even though functionally it works the same as the older version!).

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