USB Controller Ding-Donging at my door…

doorbellOut of the blue my main desktop PC is having issues with my wireless USB mouse, specifically, dropped connections. As I’m using my Logitech mouse, I’m constantly hearing the “Ding-Dong” sound of a USB device disconnecting and reconnecting. It’s a intermittent occurrence, which I can temporarily fix by rebooting my system. More than anything, it’s a giant annoyance! I’m also occassionally having disconnect issues with my wireless WiFi adapter (also a USB device).

I’ve tried using a different wireless USB mouse, but I have the same issue. I just can’t figure this one out. I’m coming to the conclusion that it could be, (1) A hardware issue with my motherboard, (2) USB or BIOS driver issue, (3) Something corrupt with my Vista OS installation. I tried updating all the chip drivers and BIOS for my ASUS motherboard, but that didn’t seem to help. I also change several different BIOS settings which didn’t do anything. I really don’t want to re-install Vista, since I’m planning to install Windows 7 in about two months (when it is officially released). The motherboard is less than 1-year old, so I can’t believe it is the problem (although it might be). Man, this stuff is just so hard to diagnose sometimes.

If this USB ding-dong issue keeps up, I’m thinking about replacing the motherboard. I like the ASUS motherboard I have now, but they no longer make this model. After some Googling and reading customer reviews, it appears that the quality of the ASUS motherboards maybe going down hill. The Gigabyte motherboards are getting great reviews on some computer tech sites, but I had problems with two such motherboards during a recent upgrade attempt. Neverthless, I might still try another Gigabyte motherboard because I can buy one at a local Fry’s Electronics store and return it quite easily if it doesn’t work out.

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