Motherboards… which to pick?

motherboardI often buy from because they usually have really good deals, ship fast, and have good specification information on their products. I also like reading their customer review section for each product to get an idea on how good their products actually are. Recently, I’ve been looking at the reviews for a replacement motherboard for my desktop PC system, and the user comments are just making my head spin! It seems that whatever motherboard I look at, there’s always negative postings about quality, etc. The two boards I’ve been looking at are the ASUS P5Q Deluxe and the Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P. With either board, I’ve read user postings that describe Dead-On-Arrivals (where the board wouldn’t boot up), memory incompatibility issues, and vendor support problems. Of course, you really need to take all these comments with a grain of salt since typically people are vocal when things go bad and not so much when things go good. Because of my past bad experience with the Gigabyte motherboards, I’m leaning toward the ASUS boards, however, the ASUS P5Q Deluxe seems to be over a year old and could be discontinued soon.

Since I can purchase either board at my local Fry’s Electronics store, I might opt for getting the Gigabyte board first and if that doesn’t work out exchange it for the ASUS board. Luckily, returning such items to Fry’s hasn’t been a big hassle in the past. I would love to order the boards from, however I don’t want to pay for return shipping and wait two weeks if the are bad. Oh, the joy of DIY computer upgrading…

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