USB Ding-Dongs: One more thing to try…

mechanicAs I mentioned in a recent posting, I’m having intermittent issues with my USB wireless mouse connecting and disconnected from my Vista OS system. When it happens I can switch USB ports with the mouse wireless dongle, but the connect/disconnect still continues to occur. What’s strange, is that after about 15 minutes or so it all stops and the mouse begins to work ok again. I tried using two different mice, but I have the same ding-dong problem.

I can only imagine the problem might be hardware related, as my system was working just fine for the last several months. So is the hardware issue a peripheral device or the motherboard? That’s really hard to say without disconnecting everything and running for a while, and reconnect each individual device. I tried some of that for a bit, but I still had the damn USB ding-dong problem. So, I’m thinking the problem is with the motherboard and it should be replaced.

But before I do that, I wanted to see if something came loose in my Desktop PC computer case which could be causing these intermittent problems. So, I unplugged everything from the back of my PC, pulled it out from under my desk, opened up the cover panel, and proceeded to make sure every connector was seated well into position. I also pulled out both memory sticks, swapped them around and reinserted them into the motherboard for good measure. So far as I could tell, nothing inside the case was loose or possibly shorting out.

I then placed my PC back under my desk and proceeded to reconnect each USB device one-at-a-time, making sure the Vista OS identified it and installed the proper driver. Everything went ok, so I’m now in testing-mode hoping that whatever I did fixed the problem. I’ll probably know by the end of today or tomorrow if my doctoring skills worked in resolving the USB ding-dong problem. If not, I’ll be heading off to Fry’s Electronics tomorrow to get a new ASUS P5C Deluxe motherboard to replace this one and hopefully that will fix the problem!

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