Dell’s Instant Upgrade to Windows 7 Promotion

Dell has a current promotion where on select models that are scheduled for delivery on or after Oct 22nd (the release date for Windows 7), they will preload the Windows 7 OS for you in place of Vista Home Premium so you don’t need to do it yourself. That’s pretty nice, since the customer won’t need to bother with the upgrade and all the device drivers should be in place and working (in theory).


For example, I ordered a Dell Inspirion 11z this afternoon with the Vista Home Premium 32-bit OS, and since it isn’t scheduled to arrive until Oct 27th Dell will preload it with Windows 7 instead of Vista so I don’t have to do the upgrade after the fact. Sweet! You can’t beat that for service. I hope they also provide me with the Windows 7 restore CDs as that can come in handy in case of hard disk failure.

Now, this applies for select computer models so check before ordering if you want to take advantage of this promotion. Of course, Dell is doing this because they don’t want customers to hold off buying their desktop and laptop machines until after Oct 22nd to get Windows 7 on their machines, and it makes perfect sense.

So what happens if they finish my Dell 11z early and it ships sooner than estimated? Will it have Win7 loaded on it, or not? I’ll let you know if that happens…

Update (29 Oct 09) – Apparently, this was a false promotion on Dell’s behalf, as my Dell 11z arrived on Oct 28th with the Vista OS installed, not Windows 7 as they had advertised on their web site. I called Dell Support about this, and all they kept telling me was that I needed to register to receive the free Windows 7 Upgrade DVD in the mail. Another Dell support person told me I was mistaken when I read their web site ad, but clearly I didn’t as you can see from the image snippet I have displayed at the top of this posting. I should have saved a complete screenshot of their web site showing this so I could fully prove it. Whatever the case, this has put a black mark against Dell in my book as false advertising, and I hope others also voice their opinions against Dell for be deceptive.


2 Responses to Dell’s Instant Upgrade to Windows 7 Promotion

  1. Josh Tryon says:

    How frustrating. I am in same boat. Ordered a new Studio XPS 16 laptop on Oct 8, 2009 with Vista Ultimate “with free instant upgrade to Windows 7, Dell will upgrade your computer before it ships”. HA! I finally received the laptop on Saturday Oct 31, 2009 and Vista Ultimate was installed. Ahhhh! If I would have know, I would have waited to order it until after 7 was out. SO frustrating. Now, my service tag isn’t even showing up on the upgrade site. Definetely false advertising. It is not misleading, it was lying. It was not misleading, it was very clear “order vista, and we’ll upgrade your computer to 7 before we ship it” – I don’t see how you can take it any other way.

    • zunetips says:

      I agree. I could have complained to a Dell supervisor, but I just don’t have the time and energy. So far as the service tag issue, I had the same problem. I called Dell support and they made an update that fixed the problem in about 2 hours. After which, I was able to log into the Dell Win 7 upgrade page and order an update copy. I’ve read some rumors that Dell was having trouble getting their OEM Win 7 disks finalized, so that is why they didn’t ship machines with Win 7 pre-installed. If the upgrade goes sour because of driver issues, I’ll definitely talk to a Dell Supervisor.

      If anyone has a web page screenshot or documentation that shows the Dell Windows 7 pre-installation offer, please send it to me and I can use it as ammunition if I need to call them. Thanks.

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