Buyer’s remorse is setting in…

buyer_remorseI often think very carefully when spending money, considering whether I really need something or not (I probably do too much obsessing over this at times!). After ordering the Dell Inspiron 11z, I began to have buyer’s remorse. Did I really need to spend $500 on a small netbook-sized computer that I would use occasionally while on travel? Do I really need it?

The Acer 751h Netbook that I bought from Costco for $280 was a good little machine, and could certainly meet my “travel companion” needs. So why did I order the Dell 11z in place of the Acer netbook? It seems the lure of adding in a WiFi-N wireless card, Bluetooth wireless card, and getting Windows 7 preinstalled for free was very appealing. But did I really need to have those options?

Later last night I decided I would try to contact Dell and cancel my order. I’d keep the Acer netbook and use it for the next 60-90 days and will make my decision then if I would keep it or return it and order the Dell 11z. That seemed like a reasonable plan (which I should have thought of before I put in the Dell 11z order!). Using the Dell Online Chat, I contacted a Dell rep at around 8 pm PST. This person was very nice, but stated that she could not cancel my online order and I would need to call their sales dept. Of course, their dept was closed on Sundays so I would have to call Monday morning. She doubted that I could cancel the order, since it was in “production” status, but said I could try nevertheless.

So this morning I gave Dell a call and they stated what I expected– my order was too far along to cancel. So once your online order goes into “In Production” status you’re committed. Since I just made the order less than 20 hours earlier and having a shipping date 16 days out I thought I could cancel it, but no dice. I suspect that two things are happening here: (1) Dell uses the excuse of “In Production” so you can’t cancel the order, (2) The 16 day shipping delay on a laptop is so they can hold it to install the Windows 7 OS before shipping it out. Otherwise, they would have to install Windows Vista and then later offer Windows 7 for a free upgrade, possibly costing them extra money to dish out two separate operating systems.

So I’m stuck with the Dell 11z order being delivered. I could certainly ship it back unopened and pay the 15% restocking fee + shipping, but I’ve decided to just keep it and go with it. I believe in fate and Karma so maybe getting the Dell 11z over the Acer netbook is my destiny. 😉

Although I really liked the Acer 751h netbook and thought it was a solid machine, I did read some unfavorable comments on some Acer user forums. Slowness (which I saw when opening web sites in multiple tabs in Firefox), mysterious cracked screens, and system freezes were a few problems identified. Whether these issues are widespread or not, I don’t know. I’ve read that the Dell 11z is a well built machine (renown Dell quality), so it might have been a better choice to go with Dell. I also got the 2-year on-site service agreement (for an extra $20) so I should be good for the next two years.

So, I’ll be waiting for the 11z to arrive around Oct 29th, after which you’ll probably see numerous postings reviewing the product. Hopefully, it will just as good and maybe better than the Acer 751h netbook.

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