I love Costco’s return policy

costcoAlthough I rarely return anything to Costco, I do appreciate their liberal no-hassle return policy. The last time I returned something was earlier this year when I returned a Dell Mini 9 Netbook (which I ordered online) because of the non-standard keyboard configuration. Costco cheerfully refunded my purchase, tax and shipping costs included.

So I stopped by my local Costco store this morning to return the Acer 751h netbook that I bought last Friday, and again it was a simple process. The clerk began the refund procedure without asking me a word about the netbook. It wasn’t until he was about half way through the process when he casually asked why I was returning it (in more of an inquisitive manner). I just told him it didn’t meet all my needs and he handed me my refund receipt and said have a good day. It’s because of this I really like buying electronic merchandise from Costco, just in case I get a defective unit or if I decide I don’t like it.

As a side comment, the Costco clerk told me that they have been getting a lot of returns with this Acer netbook. When I asked why, he stated that customers were complaining of “slowness”. Whether that’s really true or not, we won’t know. “Slowness” is such a subjective term, since it is relative to something else (a speedy desktop PC or MacBook Pro perhaps?). At least the returns weren’t because of some more serious problem (e.g., crashes, not booting up, freezing, etc).

So although I returned the Acer Netbook, I still recommend you check one out if you’re looking for a good portable machine. And definitely buy it from Costco if you can! 🙂

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