So what Firefox plugins do I use?

I created a posting on my DellMini blog yesterday that discusses how I configured my FireFox web browser to maximize the viewable page area. I basically used a series of FireFox addons to hide the main window caption title bar, hide the menu bar, and so forth. The most effective tip was to use the F11 function key to completely hide all interface controls temporarily and completely fill the screen with the viewable page (I just found this tip recently). These are great tips for Netbook owners, since the vertical resolution of their miniature laptops is usually 600 pixels.

Just in case you’re curious what I’ve got loaded with my FireFox installation, here’s my list of addons:


Not too many plugins to slow down the opening of FireFox, but just enough to keep me browsing effectively.

Now, I’ve also looked at using Google’s Chrome web browser, because it is suppose to be lightweight and will startup faster than FireFox.It does indeed seem to startup and run faster than FireFox and has a very minimalistic appearance which I like. However, Chrome doesn’t seem to have the extensive number of addon plugins as does FireFox. A lot of the plugins that I have loaded currently in FireFox do not exist in Chrome. So, being a creature of habit I’ll probably stick with using FireFox since it has been working well for me over the last several years.


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