Thursday is a big day…. Windows 7 released!

win7Being the big nerd that I am, I’ll be getting Windows 7 Professional on Thursday to install on my main desktop system. I’ve tested the release candidate a few months ago on my old Dell D610 Latitude laptop and it ran pretty good, so I’m certain it will be an improvement over my existing Vista installation. I’m also going to install the 64-bit version, since my PC can handle it and I already have 4 GB of RAM memory installed.

I’ve decided to go with the “Professional” version rather than the “Home Premium” because I like Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Connection implementation. In my opinion, it’s much better than the alternatives (i.e.,, realVNC, uVNC, etc.) and it works great in my home network and outside network environments. I know that someone will probably come along with a hack to add this feature to the Home Premium version, but I just want it working now, out of the box.

So, my plan is to first hit up my local Costco store when it opens at 10 am and hope they have the Pro version available (It should be selling for $10 less than the retail price). If they don’t have Win7 available I’ll next visit my local OfficeDepot store followed by Staples. One of those three should have Win7 available. If I totally strike out, I can always try my local Fry’s Electronics (albeit, the drive will be 30 miles round trip) or I might simply order it via and wait until next week to install it.

Of course, I need to get prepared ahead of time before doing the big OS upgrade. Since I plan to do a clean install and wipe out my hard drive, I’ll need to backup all my important user files (documents, spreadsheets, programming projects and source code, Quicken banking database, Outlook database, music and video files, etc.) along with an exported copy of my Firefox bookmarks. Normally I buy a new hard drive and use it for my new OS installation and reserve the old drive as a 2nd backup (with all current files intact), but this time I’m not planning to do that since my existing 500 GB drive is only 4 months old.

After doing the big OS upgrade, I’ll need to get my WiFi Adapter working so I can download new drivers and OS updates for my home PC. Then, it’s installing my list of software applications and doing lots of configuring. Hopefully, I won’t have any issues with hardware drivers (especially for my TV Tuner card!) and I can be back up and running by the end of the evening. Later, I’ll poke around the Internet and look for some system tweaks to implement for speed up performance.

Yes, Thursday will be a busy day for me, but hopefully worth while. And I certainly hope that I don’t HATE Windows 7, otherwise it’s back to Vista.


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