My Intel Core 2 Quad CPU can’t run Windows 7 XP-Mode!!

win7One of the reasons why I bought the Windows 7 Professional version was to have the ability to run in “XP Mode”, which basically uses the Microsoft Virtual PC application to simulate a PC running Windows XP. This is a useful feature in case you have an application that just doesn’t want to run under Windows 7, so you can run it in XP-mode in a virtual PC inside a window. With Win 7 Pro, Microsoft provides you with a free copy of XP, so you should be all set. So I thought.

Apparently, you need to have a computer with a CPU that is “Hardware-assisted Virtualization” capable. And guess what? I don’t have one!

What’s really amazing, is that I have an Intel Core 2 Quad CPU (Model Q8200 @ 2.33 GHz) with 4 GB of RAM running Windows 7 64-bit OS and I can’t use this feature. My machine isn’t powerful enough. What the heck!!??


It seems that certain CPUs have this HAV technology that is a requirement for Microsoft Virtual PC in this mode. I can understand if I was running a Intel Solo or older Centrino CPU, but my Quad CPU isn’t good enough?

So beware of all the advertised capabilities for the various Windows 7 versions, as some of them may require a machine with the very latest CPU (or mor expensive CPU) to utilize them.

What is truly bizarre is that I was using Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 with this very same computer (and my previous Core 2 Duo) with no problems. But for some reason, Microsoft decided to add on this ridiculous feature (probably to make people upgrade their computer).

My only recourse now, is to use a product such as VirtualBox (by Sun Microsystems) that emulates a x86 environment, and then install Windows XP inside it. Of course, that also means I need to find a copy of Windows XP to install, as the “free” one provided with Windows 7 Pro is not usable.

4 Responses to My Intel Core 2 Quad CPU can’t run Windows 7 XP-Mode!!

  1. Aman says:

    This is very weird, my 1.7Ghz craptastic Asus A6r with 2gb of ram can run Window 7 Pro and XP and XP at the same time. I smell glitch!

  2. zunetips says:

    My Intel Quad Core machine can also run Win 7, Vista, and XP but it can’t run the virtualization software provided with Win 7 Pro on my machine because my CPU doesn’t have the required hardware component.

  3. Pantsuki says:

    My pc is running with Quad core Q8200 as well and it is not working

    • zunetips says:

      I’ve also got the Q8200 Quad processor, and the book called “Windows 7 Secrets” indicated that this processor cannot be used with the Windows Virtual PC software.

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