My old Moto-Q phone feels like a rock…

I’ve been using my new Palm Pixi smartphone for the last few weeks, and I really love it. Its thin, compact, had a touch screen and runs the Palm WebOS operating system. Yesterday I picked up my old Motorola-Q phone to check for possible text messages, and I noticed that it felt really heavy…. like a rock! I’m getting so use to my lightweight Palm Pixi other smartphones are now just paperweights in comparison. The Moto-Q now feels like a militarized version of a smartphone — heavy and hardened to take an EMP blast. But, I know from experience that dropping it can cause the glass screen to crack very easily. It’s a good thing the back cover of my Pixi has a rubber surface, since that makes it easier to hang on to it and less prone to dropping it.

Boeing’s has has their new lightweight composite 787 plane, and I’ve got my lightweight Palm Pixi!

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