The big Email migration

Email has become a very important part of our lives, for both past, present, and future. I’ve got years of emails archived in MS-Outlook which I often search for from time to time. Thus, I can’t just abandoned my old email files when moving from the PC to the Mac.

So how am I going to get my MS-Outlook emails from the PC over to Apple Mail? Unfortunately, Apple Mail can’t read the PST file format that MS-Outlook uses to store the emails, so I needed a way of converting my Outlook emails to a format compatible with Apple Mail. After doing a brief Google search, I came upon two possible solutions: (1) Use an intermediary email client app called Thunderbird to import the emails from a PST file, and then export them as a MBOX file for Apple Mail, or (2) Use a commercial app called Outlook2Mac which will convert the mail in the PST file to MBOX format.

I opted to pay the $10 US for Outlook2Mac and do the conversion directly, as I didn’t trust Thunderbird to handle the in-and-out conversion. So after several minutes of processing I had my emails from Outlook in a several MBOX files and was able to import them into Apple Mail. Yahoo!

It took me a while to clean up my emails and get them organized into folders, but that task was completed in very short order.

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