My new clutter free desktop!

One great advantage to switching to an integrated system like my iMac, is a big reduction in cables. With a wireless keyboard and mouse and built-in WiFi, the only cable I have is the power cord! Before I made the switch, I had tons of cables stretching from my desk over to my side table (where my main CPU box resided). Two DVI cables for my dual monitors, two power cables, a speaker cable, several USB cables, etc. were all tangled under my desk. Now, I removed all of them and just have my lovely 27″ iMac sitting center stage on my desk.

As of now, I’m totally off of my Windows 7 PC. The only reason why I still have it turned on, is for recording TV shows using its built-in TV Tuner card. Also, I still have a Zune HD that I use to watch my recorded TV shows, so I need my Windows PC to run the Zune syncing software (Microsoft doesn’t make  an equivalent syncing software for the Mac). Nevertheless, I removed my keyboard and monitor for the Windows PC running it “headless”. I can always connect to it via a remote desktop software package from my iMac.

At some point, I’ll probably switch to an iPod Touch and use the EyeTV HD to record my TV shows directly on my Mac. In that case, I can completely shutdown my desktop PC and have a nice, quiet office to work in.

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