The great Apple ecosystem

When it comes to my computers and high-tech gadgets, there’s been a lot of change for me as of last year. At the beginning of 2009 I had the following products that I used on a daily basis:

  • Windows 7 Desktop PC
  • Motorola Q Smartphone (running Windows Mobile 5)
  • Microsoft Zune HD media player

As you can clearly see, I pretty much used all Microsoft-driven products. The big change started early in 2009 when I bought a Palm Pixi Smartphone, which I liked because of the iPhone-like interface. I also started doing app development for the Palm WebOS phones, so that was a big reason to switch. I just loved the touch screen interface and the ability to do so much with my Palm Pixi over my aged Moto-Q phone.

Later in 2009 my wife’s old HP Pavilion Desktop PC started to slow down and had froze on her several times. I tried a complete, clean install of Windows Vista on her PC which worked for about a week until the freezing began again. I would guess that the problem was a a bad software driver, etc. but I couldn’t be certain. It was then my wife proclaimed that she wanted to switch to a Mac so off we went to the Apple Store and I bought her a MacBook Pro (which she continues to love using).

For Mother’s Day in 2010 I bought her an iPad (because she’s a bigger gadget freak than I) and that was a big hit. I played around with her iPad a bit and thought it was cool, but I didn’t want to spend $500+ dollars to get one myself. Later in the year her Zune 120 media player stopped working (bad hard drive) so I bought her a Apple iPod Touch 32 GB media player for her birthday (another big hit). So my wife now has a MacBook Pro, iPad, and iPod Touch. The only thing she doesn’t have is an iPhone, which she refuses to get because she hates the AT&T network. Instead, she is currently using a HTC EVO on the Sprint network.

So as you can see, my wife joined the Apple ecosystem before I did. As an observer, I noticed she could check her email and access her important files from any of her Apple devices, as everything was synced with the help of MobileMe and the cloud. And, the interfaces for all her devices looked and worked the same, whether it was her laptop, media player, iPad, or through a web browser on the internet. I could try to achieve that same synchronicity with using Microsoft Windows-driven products, but it would just be a big kludge and not work so seamlessly.

For myself, I didn’t own any Apple products until I bought my iMac last week. I made the switch for a few different reasons, but the biggest one was to switch to something fresh and different. I’ll admit, that all the Mac ads you see on TV did have a big influence on me. Also, visiting our local Apple Store with my wife didn’t hurt either. Again, I just love the total integration between the Apple products and the ease of use.

I suppose my next purchase will be an iPod Touch to be used as my media player (replacing my Zune HD). I really like my Zune, but the fact that I can’t use it with anything but a PC is quite limiting. At some point, I’d like to shutdown my Desktop PC and just use my iMac, so my Zune’s days are numbered.

I can also see myself getting the EyeTV HD device for recording TV shows on my iMac, which I can use with an iPod Touch or iPad very easily. Again, very nice integration of Apple products and apps.

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