iMac 27″ Review in ComputerWorld

This person’s review of the iMac 27″ machine is dead on. I agree  with everything he stated, in fact, it is as if I wrote the article!

Coming from using the Microsoft Windows OS since version 3.0, I can definitely say that the extra expense in getting a Mac is well worth it. In addition to the excellent hardware of the computer system, you get an OS that truly “just works”. No more hassle with device drivers, annoying popup warnings, etc. All of Apple’s apps that comes with the Macs all work together easily and nicely.

I still have to use a Windows NT machine for my day job, and I hate it more than ever. This morning I booted it up and had to wait for over 10 minutes for it to churn away and do its thing.  The disk drive was thrashing around and I have no clue what its doing! Why does it take soooo long to boot up? It’s all of this hassle that makes spending the extra money for a fast and efficient Mac very reasonable.

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