Time Machine: Apple’s backup solution

I’ve got a lot of important files and data on my system, and I just can’t risk losing it. On my previous Windows machines, I did backups on an infrequent basis (my bad). As such, I was really risking losing some valuable data. I guess I didn’t do my backups because it was just a big hassle– I’d have to find some 3rd-party backup software, figure out how to make it work, setup a schedule, etc.

Luckily, the Mac OS X comes with a backup software called Time Machine which does everything automatically. All you do is plug in an external drive, activate Time Machine (which will then ask you what hard drive you want to back up to) and you’re all set. No complicated dialog boxes as you would see with most Windows apps. It just works.

So as I make changes to files, etc. I can see the small Time Machine icon in the upper right corner of my screen spin around doing its incremental backup. It’s fast, unobtrusive, and automatic– just what a backup scheme should do.

For the backup hard drive, I purchased a Western Digital My Book 1 TB external drive preformatted for the Mac system. I chose a Firewire 800 system which supposedly is significantly faster than a USB-cabled drive. And to keep my desktop nice and tidy, I fastened this external hard drive under my desk (using some hooks and plastic zip ties) with only a single white cable coming up and connecting to the back of my iMac.

Another example of a great app provided by Apple on all current OS systems, which just simply works.


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