Great site for travelers

Most of my traveling is for business, where I might take a trip 8 times a year. Not a lot, but frequent enough to plan ahead for my travels. For example, I want to make sure I pick out a good, clean, safe hotel when going to a new town and also one that has good restaurants nearby. I happened upon a really good web site called which has reviews made by different travelers who were willing to post their comments.

Reviews on hotels, restaurants, vacation spots, etc. are all on this site. Of course, you need to weed through the anal people who complain about every little thing about a hotel and/or restaurant, but there’s lots of good information to be found. I, personally have posted some of my reviews of hotels and restaurants (good and bad) to help support the community. These postings also offer good advice when appropriate on lots of other travel details with regards to hotels or city activities.

One nice thing for me, is that there’s a Palm WebOS app specifically designed to work with TripAdvisor. So on-the-fly while I’m traveling I can quickly check reviews on nearby hotels and eateries to get the latest information.

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