Week 4: Apple Mac Update

It’s been over 3 weeks now since I purchased my Apple iMac, and I’m still loving it. The system is running strong and fast, I haven’t had the need to reboot it for any reason (except for an OS update), and it just works. I still have my Windows 7 Quad-Core Desktop PC running in my home office, but I only use it for recording my TV shows and converting them for my Zune HD media player.

Surprisingly, it was relatively easy for me to make the switch from Windows to the Mac. I’m finding the “muscle memory” of doing an CTRL+C to copy has been replaced by CMD+C rather easily. In fact, I catch myself now trying to find the CMD key on my Dell Win 7 netbook! The one thing I miss on my Apple Bluetooth keyboard is the equivalent of the DELETE key and the HOME/END keys. Otherwise, I seemed to have adapted well to the Mac OS X environment.

What’s still a big bummer for me, is finding a replacement for my Paint.net graphics application. I absolutely love that app, and I can’t find an adequate replacement for OS X.  I’ve tried Pixelmator, Pinta, Seashore, Gimp, and a few other obscure apps and nothing is as easy to use as Paint.net. Unfortunately, Paint.net will never be ported to the Mac so I’m out of luck. The Pinta app was developed to mimic Paint.net, but it seems to have some glaring bugs when I use it and also doesn’t have all the features that I require from Paint.net. Gimp has been around a long time and has a lot of features, but it is not a native OS X app and requires the old Unix X11 overlay to run it. Pixelmator is the obvious replacement choice, but in using that app I had some unexpected crashes and some difficulty doing basic graphics editing (e.g., making rectangular boxes, etc.). So, nothing is perfect I guess.

I think what’s helped in my transition is the fact that so much of what I do is on the Internet and is web-based. Most of my activities involve a web browser, whether it’s doing online banking, searching for infomation, reading news and articles, checking email messages, creating a map with driving directions, etc. As such, I’m less reliant on having dedicated applications installed on my personal computer to do these activities. So, moving to a different computer platform isn’t such a shocking transition.

I’m certainly glad I made the switch, and over the course of the upcoming months and years I’ll probably continue my migration towards using Apple products. First an Apple iPod Touch to replace my Microsoft Zune HD, then maybe a 13″ Macbook Pro to replace my Dell 11z Notebook, followed by an iPad, and from there who knows?

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