On the road and staying connected

I’m currently on a business trip to Phoenix, and with the great tools available on the Internet I’m able to stay connected and operate efficiently. For example, I’ve got my Palm Pixi WebOS smartphone which has an app called Flight Predictor that helps me monitor any delays on return flight to Seattle this evening. I also can check my emails from different accounts and read up on news, weather reports, and Engadget tidbits (my favorite) all from my Palm phone.

I also have been using the LogMeIn Ignition application on my laptop which allows me to connect to my iMac at my home via the Internet. It seems to work very well, all though the screen updates are a little bit slow due to the slow hotel Internet connection. But, it is certainly usable for running applications and checking emails on my home iMac system remotely.

I also use the DropBox service which allows me to sync files between the cloud and all my computer systems. So certain important files on my home systems are automatically synced and made available on my Netbook system.

Whenever I have some downtime between meetings, I can duck into a local Starbucks and use my laptop or netbook to check my email or do a bit of work using their free WiFi connection. As a backup, I can always use my Verizon USB Wireless Adapter to connect my laptop/netbook to the Internet if WiFi is not available.

Of course, with all these electronic gadgets I need to bring along various charging adapters and cables to stay up and running. It can be challenging to find power outlets while on the go, so I keep my phone and laptop charging whenever I get a chance.

I definitely rely on my Palm Pixi smartphone as my main traveling tool. I use it to find places to eat, nearby Starbucks, gas stations, etc. which is very handy. The Sprint Navigation app is also a valuable asset, as I don’t need to bring along my dedicated GPS navigation device. After using these connected tools for a while, it sure would be hard to not have them!

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