Windows Phone 7 Apps… good or junk?

The new Microsoft Windows Phone 7 devices are starting to appear in Europe, and will be available early in November in the US. I just saw a blog posting stating that there are already over 700 apps available for the Phone 7 OS on the Zune Marketplace, so I decided to check them out and see what was available.

So using my Zune Software on my PC, I was able to view the various available apps for the Phone 7. As it turns out, about one fourth of them are simple tip calculators, flashlight, and unit conversion apps. Not really the kind of apps you’d really need or want to pay for! There are a fair number of games, which seems to be the current “best sellers”. Some of the big name apps are available (e.g., Netflix, WeatherChannel, etc) so I would imagine you’ll see a lot of standard, useful apps currently available on the other platforms coming to the Phone 7 soon.

Over the last week I’ve been investigating the Phone 7 SDK tools and it is clear to me that Microsoft has spent a lot of time developing this OS and platform. The apps are based on Silverlight 3 and games on XNA, and both are well established programming environments. The greatest downfall that I see is that Phone 7 doesn’t have a legitimate database system for effectively storing local data, and that may be the Achilles’s Heel for some high-powered apps from being ported over to this platform.

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