Will Windows Phone 7 be a hit or dud?

The more I read online information about the new Windows Phone 7 devices, the more I’m hoping it will be a big success in the mobile phone industry. This new OS just seems very polished, fresh, and fun to use (based on the videos I’ve seen). I think most people want to try something different at times, and that may be a big driving factor for people to switch over to a Windows Phone 7 device after it is initially launched. The bad thing, is that it will appear on the AT&T and T-Mobile networks for the first several months before we start seeing the CDMA supported devices for Verizon and Sprint networks in the USA. That really sucks, since both AT&T and T-Mobile are known for having poor phone service and the highest rated dropped calls among all of the US cellular carriers.

I’m currently on the Sprint Network (which I love) and it would be a difficult to switch to a different carrier just to get a Windows Phone 7 device. I’d either have to keep my existing line with my Palm Pixi WebOS phone and get new service with AT&T (my choice over T-Mobile), or pay the early termination fees with Sprint to get out of my 2-year contract (which has about 1 more year to go). That wouldn’t be too bad, but going from a good cellular network to one that is known to drop calls would just suck big time. I travel throughout Washington State as well as several states in the Western half of the US, so I need reliable service in other areas than my home area.

Of course, I can always offset the cost of having and using an additional handset if I have a few apps bringing in money on the device’s online App Store (like I’m doing with my WebOS phone). If I could bring in just $200 per month that would definitely cover the cost of using a new handset on the AT&T network.

Most likely, I’ll take a wait-and-see approach and will keep an eye on how well the Phone 7 devices sell after November 8th. If they are a big hit and sell out everywhere, that would be a very good sign and I’ll have to really think hard about getting a phone. Also, once users begin using these phones in earnest on the AT&T/T-Mobile network we’ll probably see lots of reports of the good, bad, and ugly from real users.

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