Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Selling in US tomorrow

Well, tomorrow is the big day for the new Microsoft Windows Phone 7 to debut in the US. With all the great reviews, I bet the phones will sell out fast at the various AT&T and T-Mobile outlets, especially since they are already announcing possible shortages of the phones. I certainly would consider switching handsets if they were released on the Sprint network (since that is what I’m using currently). Time will tell if developers decide to write apps for the WP7 platform, and how long it will take for high-quality apps to appear on the Marketplace.

I hope the new WP7 devices really make a big impact, as the reviews I’ve read really look good. It’s a shame that one of the original “smartphone” developers, Palm, seems stuck in the sand with just four handsets released to date with the WebOS operating system. They have announce a new “WebOS 2.0” device coming out soon, but it just looks like a souped-up Palm Pre Plus with a flatten screen. HP/Palm needs to come out with much better handsets to really compete with Apple and Microsoft followed up with a big marketing blitz. Palm could have the best OS in the world, but very few will realize it if they don’t create new handsets, promote their OS, and give Microsoft, Apple, and Android a run for their money.

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