iPod Touch– The new PDA?

Remember those PDAs (Personal Data Assistant) that came out about 10 years ago? Apple had the Newton which ultimately died off and then Palm came out with the highly successful Palm Pilot device. Following that, Microsoft had the Palm PC and later the Pocket PC devices that were around for about 6 years. Then, smartphones began to appear and they then slowly acquired the many features of the PDA devices.

I remember using my iPAQ Pocket PC (and later Dell X51v) for my calendar, email, web browsing, and running various apps and games. These PDAs were later outfitted with WiFi so they could then access the Internet from the limited hotspots available.

As I was using my recently acquired Apple iPod Touch, I was having a bit of Deja Vu as it reminded me of using my old iPAQ Pocket PC device. Calendar, Email, and Web Browsing was all there, including different apps and games (with WiFi). The only big difference was that I was using my finger with swipe gestures instead of a stylus to tap. So it seems that what started off as a Music Media Player has now matured into a full music/video media device with all the features and functions of the old PDAs.

Actually, it seems that the smartphones are the new all-in-one device which can serve as a phone, PDA, and media player. Currently, I use a Palm Pixi as my smartphone but I still use my new iPod Touch for music and videos. However, I can see a day coming up soon where I do everything on a single device (my smartphone) and do those activities quite well…

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