Microsoft Phone 7 Opening Day – Verdict?

I’ve been keeping a close eye on the reaction of the public to the opening day of the Microsoft Phone 7, and it was a bit of whimper. I didn’t see any reports of long lines as reported for the latest Apple iPhone debut. Instead, I read in the Seattle Times newspaper this morning that as of noon yesterday the T-Mobile store in the Bellevue Square mall only sold 3 WP7 phones. Personally, I don’t think the WP7 phones are so great that I’m going to terminate my current contract with Sprint and jump over to AT&T or T-Mobile. I have a feeling that existing smartphone users are in wait-and-see mode, and might switch handsets once the WP7 devices are available on their own particular networks.

With Sprint, I get a lot of services (e.g., navigation, free cell-to-cell phone calls (any network), unlimited texting, etc.) that you don’t get automatically with AT&T (they are add on features). So far as value, Sprint has better plans than AT&T in my opinion.

I currently have a Palm Pixi phone with Sprint which I love, but I’m also intrigued with WP7 phones. I’m also a developer who writes apps for the Palm WebOS devices, so which phone I will carry and use in the future will be partially determined by how well HP/Palm begins to market their future phones. If it turns out WP7 is the hot phone that takes off early next year, then I’ll have to switch my development efforts over to that platform and trade in my Palm Pixi for a WP7 device.

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