Windows Phone 7 – The honeymoon is over…

As a mobile applications developer, I have a big interest in the public acceptance of the new Microsoft Windows Phone 7 devices. As such, I’ve been reading lots of web postings and reviews on the topic. As with any new device, there’s a lot of fan-fair and excitement just before the release date of the product. That usually follows with the early adopters posting on web forums on how cool and great their new phone is, and how it just beats everything on the market. And then after a few weeks those same enthusiasts begin to complain how their new phone can’t do this or that, or is missing a favorite feature from their previous phone. Some even complain about hardware failures and proudly report they’ve gone through 3 or 5 phones and still have some unresolved minuscule problem.

I’ve been lurking on some WP7 forums and this is the pattern I’m seeing with the new WP7 phones. Lots of people complaining about some minor issues, and I can just see it escalating to bigger and bigger issues until finally these same enthusiasts jump ship to a different brand of phone and start over again with the same cycle. If you follow these forums as I do, you need to take what you read with a grain of salt. Most of these posters are young teenagers that often complain about every little thing (like having one speck of dust inside their screen) and are never satisfied. In my opinion, the WP7 is still a 1st generation device with room to grow and expand. Undoubtedly, Microsoft will be adding more and more features as they build upon this new OS, which is pretty evident with the huge investment they are making in the mobile device space.

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